United Collection Bureau Merchant Cash Advance Relief Lawyers

United Collection Bureau Merchant Cash Advance Relief Lawyers

Getting a merchant cash advance can seem like a great idea when you need money for your business fast. The process is quick and easy compared to a traditional bank loan. But when it comes time to pay it back, merchant cash advances can become a huge burden with their high fees and daily repayment requirements. This is where working with a lawyer who specializes in United Collection Bureau merchant cash advance relief can help.

United Collection Bureau (UCB) is one of the largest debt collection agencies that handles merchant cash advance accounts. If you took out a merchant cash advance and are now struggling to make the payments, UCB may be aggressively pursuing repayment. Their collectors can be intimidating and use questionable tactics. Having an experienced lawyer on your side levels the playing field.

How Can a Lawyer Help With My UCB Merchant Cash Advance Debt?

Here are some of the ways a knowledgeable UCB merchant cash advance relief attorney can assist you:

  • Review your merchant cash advance agreement for potential violations. These lawyers understand the fine print and can spot issues that make the agreement unenforceable.
  • Challenge excessive fees and interest rates. Merchant cash advance rates often far exceed state laws. A lawyer can fight to lower the amounts owed.
  • Negotiate a settlement. An experienced attorney may be able to work out a lump-sum settlement for a fraction of what you owe.
  • Defend against lawsuits. If UCB sues you, a lawyer can handle the litigation and raise defenses to avoid a judgment.
  • Protect your assets. Your attorney can advise you on steps to take to keep UCB from seizing your business assets or personal property.
  • Stop harassing calls and letters. Lawyers know how to get the collection agency to back off its relentless pursuit of repayment.
  • Advise on bankruptcy options. Filing bankruptcy may discharge some or all of your merchant cash advance debt. A lawyer can explain if this is a good choice for your situation.

Common Defenses Against UCB Merchant Cash Advance Claims

When UCB tries to collect on a merchant cash advance, they often rely on intimidation tactics. But there are legal defenses borrowers can raise to fight back. Here are some of the most effective defenses used by merchant cash advance relief lawyers:

  • Unconscionability – If the fees or interest rate are excessively high compared to the principal amount borrowed, the agreement may be ruled unconscionable and unenforceable.
  • Usury violations – Merchant cash advances often violate state usury laws that cap interest rates. This makes them invalid and uncollectible.
  • Deceptive practices – Lenders sometimes misrepresent or fail to fully disclose the terms and costs of merchant cash advances. This type of deception can nullify the agreement.
  • Breach of contract – If the lender did not provide the agreed upon amount or made deductions not authorized in the agreement, they breached the contract.
  • Unjust enrichment – When the lender has already collected an excessive amount in fees and interest payments, requiring further repayment results in unfair enrichment.

A resourceful lawyer will analyze the specific facts of your case to determine if any of these defenses apply. Raising valid defenses can greatly improve your leverage in negotiating a settlement or lead to a dismissal if UCB files a lawsuit.

What to Expect When Working With a UCB Merchant Cash Advance Relief Lawyer

Here is an overview of what typically happens when you retain one of these specialized lawyers:

  1. Initial consultation – The lawyer will review your situation in detail and explain your options. This is your chance to ask questions and voice concerns.
  2. Request documents – You will need to provide a copy of your merchant cash advance agreement and records of payments. Your lawyer will examine these for potential violations.
  3. Formal notice – The attorney will contact UCB disputing the debt and requesting verification. This starts the process of defending against the claims.
  4. Negotiations – If defenses are viable, your lawyer will try to negotiate a reduced settlement or payment plan if continuing the business is important.
  5. Litigation – If UCB proceeds with a lawsuit, your lawyer will represent you by filing an answer raising defenses, conducting discovery, and handling court appearances.
  6. Bankruptcy evaluation – Your lawyer can explain if filing bankruptcy to discharge the debt may be a wise approach depending on your overall financial situation.
  7. Ongoing support – You can contact your attorney anytime you receive further collection notices from UCB to discuss the best response.

Having an experienced UCB merchant cash advance relief lawyer in your corner can help you finally get out from under the crushing weight of a predatory merchant cash advance. They have the knowledge and resources to forcefully defend your rights.

If you entered into a merchant cash advance agreement with impossible repayment terms and are now facing relentless collections by United Collection Bureau, consider contacting a lawyer for assistance. They can often make a bad situation much more manageable.

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