Business Debt Settlement

Business debt settlement can help you reduce your debt

Settling your debt, instead of bankruptcy, or shutting your business down is a viable possibility

One way of getting rid of your business debt is through business debt settlement. Debt settlement agencies, like Solve Debt Relief, will negotiate on behalf of clients in order to settle debts for a reduced amount. 

Pay Monthly Payment

Typically, clients will agree to pay a monthly, biweekly, or weekly, amount to a debt settlement company. The funds are put into a trust account where they are held, until you have enough saved up to pay off a creditor.

Millions Settled

We have resolved 10's of millions in business debt on behalf of our clients. We can help you resolve your debt. We have seen your situation, and know what to do. Schedule a free consultation today.

Reduced Payoff Amount

Once enough is placed in the trust account, Solve Debt will work with the credit to get a payoff amount. In most cases, debt settlement companies can settle for 40-70% of the original value. Lenders would rather not lose 100%.

You Can Save

Part of what makes debt settlement so easy is that you can pay less. Business debt settlement is something that can be part of a comprehensive business debt management process. We are here to help you.

Rest easy - we're here to help you. We're here to settle your debt.

There’s no simple way to say this: you need the right partner on your team to help you manage your debt. If you’re struggling, you want us on your team. We are focused on helping you

Debt Settlement
Truly Works

Business debt settlement is a great way to resolve debt. Most lenders/collectors will accept a smaller % of the debt, even if they are owed 100’s of thousands of dollars. When a settlement is reached, a debt settlement agreement will be finalized. 

Pay Debt Faster

Debt settlement can help you pay less. So you can repay your overall debt faster.

Avoid Bankruptcy

Debt settlement is an alternative to bankruptcy. Many business owners don't realize you don't have to file bankruptcy.

No Collections Agency

Once you enter into a business debt settlement agreement, your debt will not be sent to collections agencies, and you will not be harassed.

Avoid Being Sued

Facing a lawsuit is a big fear. If you enter a debt settlement agreement, the threat of lawsuit is no longer applicable.

Extend Your Term

Once you enter into a debt settlement agreement, you might be able to extend the term of our business debt.

Lower Interest Payment

Once you enter into a debt settlement agreement, you might be able to lower you overall interest, and principal balance owed, in order to lower your overall interest.

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