Business Debt Negotiation

We can help you negotiate a better outcome

Business Debt Negotiation

While every business has its unique financial goals and challenges, all share a common immediate objective: to minimize operational costs. This is typically achieved by negotiating with creditors to secure more favourable conditions, such as extended payment periods or reduced debt amounts.

For instance, these negotiations could involve decreasing or even eliminating interest rates, reducing the principal amount, deferring or forgiving overdue payments, extending the repayment timeline, or lowering the amount of each installment towards the business’s debt.

The ultimate aim behind these efforts varies. It could be to restructure the business during a rough economic patch, strategically downsize before an eventual closure, or manage specific problematic debts.

Regardless of whether the aim is to overhaul the business’s structure, facilitate targeted negotiations for an otherwise thriving company, or systematically reduce business obligations with a view to an orderly closure, the primary aim of business debt negotiations is to reorganize, reduce, or eradicate business debt.

Reduced Interest

One of the ways business debt negotiation can work for you is reducing the overall interest accrued and charged on your loan.

Reduced Balance

Is the overall lump sump too much? We can help negotiate a reduced settlement and reduce your overball balance.

Extending Term

In the past we've helped negotiate a longer term on business debt. This results in a lower monthly payment.

Stay In Business

The outcome of a successful business debt negotiation is that your business stays afloat, and doesn't go under.

Solve Debt Relief Works

Our company has successfully helped negotiate 10’s of millions in business debt. The bottom line is we can help. The only question is how long you wait to get the help you need. 

We Can Help
Negotiate + Win

If your business debt is draining your business, negotiating it can result in a superior outcome for your small business.


Extend the term of the business debt to help you.


We can help reduce the overall interest/factor rate.


We can help lower the weekly/monthly payment.


Negotiating debt is possible through legal channels.


If business is down, it's possible to renegotiate terms.


As a final route, it's possible to negotiate a settlement.

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