Merchant Cash Advances Explained

Learn about merchant cash advances, and how to manage your debt when you have multiple merchant cash advances

Small businesses grow as they pick up experience, skills and invaluable contacts. However, they can grow way faster by gaining access to larger operating capital bases after mastering their markets. While loan facilities provide great financing opportunities, a majority of small businesses are already struggling with debt. The number of merchants who can access loans is not ideal for local commercial growth. That is the reason why merchant cash advances are such a great financing option for aggressive and established small businesses.

You can easily access lump sum amounts of capital from investment companies if you have an impeccable business model. A merchant cash advance is a type of investment that loan sharks make by purchasing merchants’ future credit and debit card sales. In the arrangement, the lending company agrees to give out a large amount of money to fund the expansion of already profitable businesses for a fixed amount of the profit to be made after the expansion. The deal does not mean that merchants have to sell their entire equity neither must it yield equity for a fixed period. The merchant stops forfeiting a fraction of every sale only after the lender recovers a priory agreed upon repayment sum. The amount is recovered in fixed percentages of debit and credit card sales for as long as it takes to reach the targeted repayment amount. If business is good, merchant cash advances can be repaid in exceptionally short time frames.

Legally, merchant cash advances are not small business loans. This was set out in judicial precedence back in 2016 when the Supreme Court of New York published a ruling it made over a publicized merchant advance case. The ruling declared that merchant cash advance providers act in the confidence of investors and not that of creditors. The providers could not claim usury due to the nature of the transaction.

Typical investors are always concerned about the return of their investments, and that should be expected of all entrepreneurs. However, the best investors to work with should be your friends. They should seek to grow your business in any way that they can and win successful partners on the way. That is why you should prefer working with merchant cash advance investors who report all the exceptionally good business they do with you to boost your credit scores. A firm that offers such services should strive to exploit such readily available opportunities.

Getting a small business merchant cash advance

You must have a convincingly viable business plan and model. Merchant cash advance lenders are fixed-returns investors who will only engage merchants whose business operations generate visible sales. They are great for businesses that enjoy competent human resources and provide on-demand products. Such businesses must critically consider what production bottlenecks they could fix. The cash advance is only meant to help businesses in increasing the scope of their operations and expanding their market share. The following are some things that you must agree upon before entering into the contract.

• The fraction of sales to be cut.

Depending on your business plan and your lender’s policy, you are likely to agree upon a fraction of between five and 20 percent that should always be recovered straight from your credit card and debit card sales. Your payment processors will keep remitting the percentage for every sale generated until the repayment sum is settled.

• If you must change your payment processor.

Some investment lenders may prefer to work within payment processors that they trust. They always have specific reasons why they only offer these services via their select payment processor. You must seek to straight out such issues before committing to contract.

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What do you think?

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