Merchant Cash Advance

We can help you reduce and structure your existing MCA.

You took a merchant cash advance, business was great – and you thought you could manage the high interest being charged by the lender. But now, business is slow. Unfortunately, the merchant cash advance isn’t slowing down. 

Reduce and settle your merchant cash advance today

If you’re struggling, we can help. Our team knows how to re-negotiate, and manage, merchant cash advances. We can help you use the contract of the law – without defaulting – in order to get a reduction in your merchant cash advance. 

Settle, Restructure, Negotiate

There are ways to restructure, settle, and negotiate your merchant cash advance. The issue is lenders don’t want to do this. We work, to make sure you don’t struggle with these heavy and onerous loans. 

We have a team of attorneys, financial planners, and former business loan professionals on our team. We know how to restructure and manage your debt. 

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